Eggleston, Pinkava, Docter Eggleston, Pinkava, Docter
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Eggleston, Pinkava, Docter

WINTER by Pete Docter

Speaking of Pixar, as we’ve been doing all week long, Dan Caylor has posted a great 14-1/2 minute video clip on his site that features the following:

> an interview with Ralph Eggleston speaking about the genesis of his short FOR THE BIRDS

> an interview with Jan Pinkava speaking about the technical challenges of creating GERI’S GAME

> and WINTER, an amusing CalArts-era student film by MONSTERS INC. director Pete Docter

If that weren’t enough, there’s also an unintentionally hilarious interview with Polish animator Zbigniew Rybczynski and an early Norman McLaren film (with a swinging performance by Albert Ammons) tucked inbetween the Pixar segments.

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