Fred Seibert on Pitching Fred Seibert on Pitching
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Fred Seibert on Pitching

Fred Seibert, the only major animation producer who has his own blog, weighs in with his thoughts on the recent discussion about pitching in TV animation. You can read this thoughts HERE. He writes:

Too many people are interested in getting their own series rather than making great, commercial, films. Or just great films period. Me, I love commercial TV, always have, so setting that goal works for me. But, you know, I made lots and lots (and lots, I should add) not commercial stuff too, just trying to figure out how to make stuff that I loved. Without that training I wouldn’t have been able to work in cartoons. It just wouldn’t have worked.

All that being said, looking at everyone’s comments, I actually agree with everyone. They’re all right. A rare thing I must say. Go for it folks. Let’s have a few more good arguments in animation. Maybe we’ll even get a hit series somewhere on television again someday.