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Harry Inside Pixar

BREW pal and PC WORLD editor-in-chief, Harry McCracken, visited Pixar over the weekend, as part of the Cartoon Art Museum’s benefit night. He has an in-depth report on the proceedings as well as some insightful thoughts, such as the following: “…it’s clear that [INCREDIBLES is] going in a somewhat different, less Lasseteresque direction than Pixar’s previous films. Rather than Brad Bird making a Pixar film, it looks like Pixar is making a Brad Bird film–which is a smart move for everyone involved.” Also revealing are FINDING NEMO co-director Andrew Stanton’s comments about Pixar vs. DreamWorks: “[Stanton] also said that Pixar’s basic philosophies about filmmaking were different from Dreamworks’, and said that the Pixar crew had problems with ‘the man who runs that studio’ (maybe Jeffrey Katzenberg, although he didn’t mention him by name).” Read Harry’s report HERE.