Old Brew


somewherevci.jpgTwo years ago I helped Kit Parker Films and VCI Entertainment put out a dvd compilation of Max Fleischer Color Classics, under the title SOMEWHERE IN DREAMLAND. It sold moderately well, in fact VCI is completely sold out at the warehouse. Before they do another press run, I’d like to “fix” the problems and upgrade the quality.VCI is going to correct the authoring and technical imperfections (sound pops, menu problems, etc.). I’m on the hunt for better print elements. I’d had several collectors write in to tell me they have a color print of TIME FOR LOVE. If that was you, I’d like to borrow it. If you have better copies (16mm or 35mm film only) of COBWEB HOTEL, FRESH VEGETABLE MYSTERY, PEEPING PENGUINS, or better copies of any of the Color Classics than were on the disc, and are willing to loan them to me, contact me at jbeck6540@aol.comI don’t need any video copies – and yes, I know the original materials are at UCLA Archives, but without permission of Republic/Paramount/Viacom we can’t touch ’em.