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heritage auction items

heritage coverOnce again, my friends at HERITAGE COMICS AUCTIONS have released their latest drool-inducing catalog of “stuff I would buy if I were a billionaire”.paramount coverAmong the offerings in Auction #811 (June 11-12, 2004) are: THE WISE LITTLE HEN model sheet – which is perhaps the first Donald Duck model sheet; original art for a complete 1953 CASPER comic book story; tons of mint copies of classic comic books including Harvey’s PARAMOUNT ANIMATED COMICS #5 and DC’s FUNNY STUFF #1; and lotsa Walt Kelly POGO art.
The folks at Heritage are good guys (I did a consulting job for them in March) and their catalog (which is online) must be seen to be believed. From Curt Swan to R. Crumb, from Frank Frazzetta to Schulz – Amazing stuff!