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hogan's alleyIt’s that time of the year again!
Another fantastic issue of HOGAN’S ALLEY has hit the stands – and it’s another treat for those of us who love animated cartoons.HOGAN’S ALLEY is billed as “the magazine of the cartoon arts” and though its primary focus is comic strips, there is always a healthy dose of animation information within it’s 152 pages. Here’s just a few reasons why you should buy the latest issue (#12): Jim Korkis writes two separate in-depth articles on STEAMBOAT WILLIE and DUCK DODGERS, Mark Arnold recounts the career of JOHN SUTHERLAND, an interview with DAVID SILVERMAN (“The Simpsons”), a look at PAUL MURRY’S non-Disney cartooning and a piece on MYRON WALDMAN and his short lived comic strip “Happy The Humbug”.This issue marks the ten year anniversary of HOGAN’S ALLEY. It’s a wonderful magazine that has added much to our collective knowledge of cartoon art. Buy it!