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I’ve been periodically posting the progress of my very own six minute cartoon on a separate blog.Frederator Studios is producing 39 such shorts for a new series on Nickelodeon (Fall 2006 or sometime in 2007). All 39 creators are doing blogs and documenting their productions online. There are some real goodies in the works. Mine is HORNSWIGGLE, and it is being directed by Rich Arons (Tiny Toons, Animaniacs) and produced with Gang of 7 Animation in North Hollywood. The project is in post production this month and will be completed in early April. I’m very proud of the film, it’s shaping up very nicely. Obviously I’ll be promoting Hornswiggle much more as we get closer to its airdate – I’m planning some limited edition promo pieces that I’ll be giving away at the San Diego Comic Con (and on Cartoon Brew). More on that – and Hornswiggle – later.

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