JACK MATHIS (1931-2005) JACK MATHIS (1931-2005)
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JACK MATHIS (1931-2005)

valleybook.jpgI don’t go off topic many times here on Cartoon Brew, but an obituary in today’s L.A. TIMES is worth noting.Jack Mathis passed away a week or so ago. I never met the man, but I have great respect for him and his life’s work chronicling the history of Republic Pictures. Mathis ran an advertising agency in Illinois as a day job, but on the side he spent decades self-publishing several books detailing the history of Hollywood’s greatest B-movie studio. And detail is the operative word. His books, particularly VALLEY OF THE CLIFFHANGERS, are as meticulous as they were beautifully produced. And they were very influential to me and the approach I try to aspire in researching and writing about animation history. He was finishing up his magnum opus, REPUBLIC CONFIDENTIAL (part 3), when he passed away. I certainly hope his estate will finish the project for him – as a tribute to his life.