JOHN FIEDLER (1925-2005) JOHN FIEDLER (1925-2005)
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JOHN FIEDLER (1925-2005)


The Hundred Acre Wood in the sky is now complete. Actor John Fiedler, longtime voice of Piglet in the Walt Disney shorts, features and numerous TV shows, has passed away – Saturday at age 80 – one day after Paul Winchell, his co-star as Tigger, died.fiedler1.jpgThey join Sabastian Cabot (Narrator), Sterling Holloway (Pooh), Hal Smith (Owl), Howard Morris (Gopher) and the rest of the original voice cast from the 1960s shorts.Fiedler was also well know for his many live action roles, including Mr. Peterson on The Bob Newhart Show (1972), as one of the jurors of 12 Angry Men (1957) and as “Cadet Higgins” on Tom Corbett, Space Cadet (1951). His final work will be heard in two forthcoming Disney direct-to-video movies, Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween and Kronk’s New Groove.