JOHN SEELY 1923-2004 JOHN SEELY 1923-2004
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JOHN SEELY 1923-2004

John Seely recieved music credit on six Warner Bros. cartoons released in 1958 – when Milt Franklin and the Warner studio musicians went on strike. Seely’s stock music cues were used to ruin several Jones’ Road Runner films and made a lackluster Tweety & Sylvester entry (A BIRD IN A BONNET) even worse than it really was. McKimson’s PRE-HYSTERICAL HARE (the one with “Elmer Fuddstone” voiced by Dave Barry) was possibly the worst Bugs Bunny cartoon ever made, and Seely’s score certainly helped sour the proceedings.John Seely’s music was used to better effect on several sitcoms (Dennis The Menace, My Three Sons, Donna Reed) and numerous Marx Toys commercials. Seely passed away at age 80 on April 23rd. It was announced in this obituary in the Oakland Tribune.