Le Building Le Building

LE BUILDING is a minute-and-a-half film that was used as an opening for the 2005 Annecy International Animated Film Festival. The film was made by five students at the Paris animation school Gobelins. I’m constantly amazed at the quality of student work coming out of this French school. Their work is probably the slickest and most technically proficient of any animation school I’ve ever seen. And it’s hard to believe that the 2D medium is dead or in any danger of extinction, when students are capable of producing hand-drawn animation of this caliber. Check it out HERE!
(Thanks to Ted Pratt for the link)

UPDATE: Both Tom Neely and Andy Janes wrote in to give this LINK for a ‘making of’ video of LE BUILDING. I don’t have a fast net connection at the moment so I can’t speak of its contents. I initially recognized the CG elements in the film’s backgrounds and props, but did not realize that any of the character animation might have been done with a computer. But Ward Jenkins says that the pizza boy was entirely animated in CG, and upon closer observation, that definitely seems to be case. All I can say is WOW!

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