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lilpimp.jpgWhatever happened to LIL’ PIMP?You know, the internet cartoon turned $13 million dollar feature length R-rated Flash animated feature for Revolution Studios and Columbia Pictures. I’ve often wondered if it will ever see the light of day? Come January 11th, 2005 my curiosity will be satiated. Lion’s Gate Home Entertainment will release LIL’ PIMP on dvd, at last, for all to enjoy.Bernie Mac, William Shatner and Lil’ Kim provide voices for this production which has been sitting on the shelf for months. I had a few good friends who were gainfully employed by this production for over a year – It has a disasterous production history, stories of preview screenings where audiences and executives walked out en masse, and the film was put into production several times without a script in place. Sounds like a trainwreck. Personally, I look forward to seeing it. Should be fun.