gclt1.jpgI saw a check disc a few weeks ago, but tonight I got a physical copy of the finished product in my hot little hands. The LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION Volume 2 is (in my humble opinion) even better than the first volume released last year. Better cartoons, fantastic restorations, great sound, improved packaging, and amazing bonus materials.Obviously I’m a bit biased. I was a consulting producer on the project, contributed to several on-screen sound bites and audio track commentaries. You can read about the contents elsewhere – I’ll just tell you I’m proud of this beautiful product. Is it perfect? No. The package artwork could be better, the menu graphics are… well, ugly, and I made a small boo-boo in one of my commentaries (I refer to My Dream Is Yours at one point on my commentary for YOU OUGHT TO BE IN PICTURES, but say Two Guys From Texas instead – my bad). There is also a reference on the packaging to disc 4 containing SINKIN’ IN THE BATHTUB. This was an error. SINKIN’ will appear on a future volume (though fans of earlier black & white Looney Tunes will be happy with numerous clips from Foxy, Buddy and Beans cartoons sprinkled in the various bonus documentaries – heck, there’s even a few “incorrect” clips from TIN PAN ALLEY CATS placed on the docs, for good measure).The new short, DAFFY DUCK FOR PRESIDENT is a real surprise! It’s funny, well made, and… educational! Fits right in the dvd along side OLD GLORY and SO MUCH FOR SO LITTLE.LOONEY TUNES GOLDEN COLLECTION Volume 2 will live up to your high expectations. “Thank you’s” for making this dvd set a reality should go to George Feltenstein, who oversaw the project for Warner Home Video; Constantine Nasr and his team at New Wave Entertainment for putting the bonus documentaries together with such care; Rick Gehr, the unsung hero behind the restoration process; and all the experts who lent their time and knowledge to making this set teriffic: Michael Barrier, Greg Ford, John Kricfalusi, Milt Gray, Mark Kausler, Daniel Goldmark, Keith Scott, Ruth Clampett, Stan Freberg, June Foray, Leonard Maltin, Willie Ito, Bill Melendez, Corny Cole and many others I’m forgetting at the moment.No matter what happens on Election Day, this dvd is guaranteed to make you feel better. Buy it!

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Jerry Beck