Mary Blair Cannot Be Killed! Mary Blair Cannot Be Killed!
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Mary Blair Cannot Be Killed!


Not sure what’s better – the title of the blog or the actual blog itself. “Mary Blair Cannot Be Killed” is an irreverent but loving tribute to the lasting impact of Blair’s work. The site is new but there’s already lots of fun artwork by various contemporary animation artists including the piece above by Joe Orrantia. And just for the sake of posterity, let me reprint the wickedly cool blog intro here:

The night air stinking with the pungent aroma of perfume, gin and Lady Chesterfields, the celebrated Disney colorist, water color artist and illustrator terrorizes the night and kills everything she sees. Never in the history of the United States has a monster of such size and power, and horrifying hatred of man made itself known! Say your prayers because MARY BLAIR CAN NOT BE KILLED!

(via Thinking Animation Blog)