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The media is reporting today on the Mexican postage stamp featuring famed cartoon character Memin Pinguin.

The White House on Thursday objected to a postage stamp issued by the Mexican government, saying that “racial stereotypes are offensive no matter what their origin” and have no place in today’s world.The stamp depicts an exaggerated black cartoon character known as Memin Pinguin, drawn with exaggerated features, thick lips and wide-open eyes. His appearance, speech and mannerisms are the subject of kidding by white characters in the comic book.U.S. activists have called on the Mexican government to withdraw the stamp.White House press secretary Scott MClellan said it was “an internal issue for Mexico and the postal authorities that issued the stamp. With that said, I would like to make a couple of points. Racial stereotypes are offensive no matter what their origin. The Mexican government needs to take this into account. Images like these have no place in today’s world.”Mexico said that like Speedy Gonzalez – a cartoon mouse with a Mexican accent that debuted in the United States in 1953 – the Memin Pinguin character shouldn’t be interpreted as a racial slur.

I suppose this ends any chance for a set of commemorative postage stamps featuring Bosko, Jasper, Inki, L’il Eightball, Ebony, Buckwheat and So White.