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Raymond Xu

It’s getting so that every animation artist has a blog. Maybe in the next update, I’ll do a post about artists who don’t have blogs. Now that’d be something.

Raymond Xu was a runner-up in our just-completed Ottawa contest, but his blog is an all-out winner. He’s currently a student at Sheridan. There’s excellent personality-packed illustrations throughout his blog so be sure to check out his monthly archives. It’s nice to know a few of the younger artists can still draw nowadays.

Speaking of people who can draw, Jim Smith (REN & STIMPY, SAMURAI JACK and currently DreamWorks) now has a blog. When I was working on REN & STIMPY, I remember even his drawings that ended up in the trash were still great. I don’t think he’s physically capable of doing bad drawings.

I never met Daniel L–pez Muñoz while I was writing THE ART OF ROBOTS, but he created some superb art for that film. He’s jumped ship from Blue Sky to Pixar where he’s started blogging.

Whatever happened to Cartoon Network’s WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ROBOT JONES? Who knows. We do know, however, that the show’s creator, Greg Miller, now happens to have his own blog.

Craig Clark has worked on everything from the Peanuts specials to Bakshi features. He started in the biz as a teenager at Duck Soup, and on his blog he shares stories of working with legends like Amby Paliwoda, Duane Crowther and Corny Cole, as well as showcasing his own current projects.

If you ask me, some of the funkiest and most distinctive animation backgrounds being created today are those by Ben Prisk for Adult Swim’s SQUIDBILLIES. His bgs are a combination of real paint combined with scanned paint textures, and he recently started a blog devoted to his work on the series.

Squidbillies bg by Ben Prisk
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