More gay cartoon characters revealed! More gay cartoon characters revealed!
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More gay cartoon characters revealed!

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Crazed right-wing moralists, take note: Before SpongeBob, there was Snagglepuss … and Huckleberry Hound … and even Popeye.By Liz Larocca
Recent events in the world of animated children’s shows have caused people to question whether the cartoon industry is promoting a homosexual agenda. Allegations have been directed at SpongeBob SquarePants for participating in a pro-gay video, and at Buster the Bunny for his fraternization with a lesbian couple and their children. While some have dismissed these allegations as the rantings of ultraconservative Christians, gay cartoon characters do in fact exist, and some of them are even politically active. I recently asked some of them to share their stories.Sitting in the living room of his well-appointed Cape Cod-style home, a cultural icon recalls his heyday with sadness and regret. “I was in constant fear of being found out,” says Popeye, sipping herbal tea. “I thought once I cast Olive Oyl, everyone would know. She was so tall and lanky, with that boyish figure …”Three days later, I’m in the parlor of a lovely San Francisco townhouse, being entertained by a self-described “proud queer, an old queen, ev-en!” “I can’t believe America didn’t know,” says Snagglepuss. “I mean, the cuff links, the flamboyance, the theater jargon — plus, I’m pink, for heaven’s sake!””I think it’s terrific what SpongeBob is doing,” he declares as he accepts a white wine spritzer from longtime companion Huckleberry Hound. “I’ve heard rumors about Squidward, too.” Snagglepuss looks at his partner. “Two out and proud gays on one show, wouldn’t that be fabulous?!” “I had a much different Hollywood experience than Puss,” he continues. “The producers were looking for someone to host a show, to be a major player. They didn’t care that I was gay, but this was 1959, and they didn’t want any speculation about me.” He sits down on the end of the chaise longue and puts his hand on Snagglepuss’ leg. “They liked my look, but I sounded very effeminate.””The ironic thing is, they were wrong about one of the first gay icons,” he adds. “There was always a lot of talk about Velma, but she’s strictly hetero.” “Even we believed it,” Snagglepuss admits. “But then Daphne, who’s actually bi, told me that she’d tried to get Velma to ‘experiment’ a couple times, but she wasn’t interested. Velma’s always been supportive of our cause.” Asked which characters are members of the LGBT Cartoon Alliance, Snagglepuss runs off some names: Jabberjaw, Auggie Doggie, Mr. Slate of “The Flintstones,” Elmer Fudd, Pepé Le Pew (“He’s what’s now called pan-sexual,” says Snagglepuss), everyone in “Josie and the Pussycats,” all three members of “The Hair Bear Bunch,” several Smurfs, and Gargamel, and Foghorn Leghorn.”That last one surprised even us,” Huckleberry says. “And Bugs Bunny hasn’t officially joined, but he has been to a few meetings.” He divulges, “He had to dress up as a woman a lot on the show, and then found himself doing it