No More Pride? No More Pride?
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No More Pride?

CNN is reporting that NBC is about to quietly cancel Dreamworks’ FATHER OF THE PRIDE, the pricey and apparently lousy (I haven’t seen it) animated series about Sigfried and Roy’s lions.

Why did I never get around to watching the show? In part because just about every animation fan I respect who saw it was revulsed by it. But subconsciously, I think, I was also put off by the Sigfried and Roy angle–there was just something wrong about animated, cuddly S&R animals showing up so soon after poor Roy’s unfortunate incident. I’ll bet that a goodly percentage of America felt the same way.

Anyhow, yet another prime-time animated series has failed. Looks like bad computer animation is no more of a surefire thing than bad hand-drawn animation. Who knew?