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Tod Polson, co-director of the recent indie animated short THE PUMPKIN OF NYEFAR, lets us know about some interesting forthcoming projects that are related to legendary layout artist Maurice Noble (1910-2001). Tod worked closely with Maurice in the ’90s, and he was one of the original “Noble Boys,” the hand-picked group of artists that Noble trained as layout artists and designers. Tod writes:

The Noble Boys are working on a Maurice layout and design textbook, based on Maurice’s notes, as well as the lessons he gave us. He had started the book before he passed on… and asked me to see it through. The folio of his personal prints is something we would like to put together… and if there is enough interest, we will. Probably self publishing through Noble Tales.

A couple of Maurice’s prints are included in this post. If you’d be interested in purchasing a book of these prints, send an email with a simple ‘Yes, I’d be interested,’ note to “todpolson (at) lycos (dot) com”. There’s no obligation to purchase anything, but Tod is trying to gain a sense of whether there is enough interest within the animation community to go forward with a book of these prints. The profits would be put back into more Noble Tales animated film projects. He can definitely sign me up for a copy.