Ottawa Contest Winners! Ottawa Contest Winners!
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Ottawa Contest Winners!

It wasn’t easy but Brewmasters Amid and Jerry have selected the two winners of our Ottawa International Animation Festival 2006 contest. They are Bill Robinson (East Aurora, NY) and Dav-Odd (NYC, NY). Each of these guys will receive a full Animapass (valued at $200Can) to next month’s festival. Their entries are below (click for larger versions). We chose Bill’s not only because it’s a fine tribute to Bob Clampett, who is the subject of a retrospective at Ottawa this year, but because of the extra effort he invested in the layout and typography to create a complete package. Dav-Odd’s piece should hit home for any animation lover: yes, a true animation fan can find things to admire even in a Chiquita banana commercial.

Ottawa Contest Winners

We received so many entries that we decided to honor five runner-ups as well. The five runner-ups will each receive an issue of ANIMATION BLAST 9. These winners are Raymond Xu, Marc Crisafulli, Mitch Kennedy, Brian Montenegro and Jess Elwood. Their entries are in order below (click for bigger versions). A BIG thanks to everybody who entered and we’ll see ya next month in Ottawa.

Ottawa Contest Honorable Mentions