Pes-tastic Pes-tastic

Genius or stupidity? That’s what was going through my mind when I saw Pes’ film ROOF SEX last month, which you can see online HERE. Now I’ve found Pes’ website – – where there are plenty more examples of his work and against my better instincts, I’m leaning towards genius. There’s just something incredibly appropriate about a 20-second film called DROWNING NUT which simply shows a peanut drowning in peanut butter. The concept is pure and efficient and the execution is perfect. Nike can hand over millions to ad agencies, but they still won’t get anything as inspired as Pes’ “Wild Horses Redux” spot, which actually appropriated the soundtrack from a pre-existing Nike commercial. The intricate object animation of the longer works like PEE-NUT and KABOOM! is also quite impressive and wholly unique.With so much debate nowadays over pencils vs. CGI, it’s easy to forget that animation is an incredibly rich medium full of possibilities, and in the area of peanut animation, nobody tops Pes.

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Amid Amidi

Amid Amidi

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