Return of “Return to Tendlar” Return of “Return to Tendlar”
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Return of “Return to Tendlar”


I’ve been remiss about following up on my November post about a piece of original art I bought marked “Return to Dave Tendlar.” I asked Brew readers if they knew what cartoon the sketch, apparently once owned by the famous New York animation, was from.

I got lots of guesses–most of which mentioned FANTASIA or Preston Blair’s how-to books. But Dave Mackey had a more specific, logical answer:

“I believe the artwork you posted on the Cartoon Brew web site is from the first
Popeye cartoon Tendlar worked on at the new Famous Studios, ALONA ON THE SARONG SEAS. In that film, Popeye meets up with the character you see here. He eventually takes his spinach and knocks the alligator into a nice set of luggage.”

I haven’t seen that cartoon, but thanks, Dave!

Meanwhile, just to confuse matters, Brew reader Kevin Koch reports that he too bought a piece of art stamped “Return to Dave Tendlar” many years ago. His was a drawing of…Donald Duck. Did Dave (Tendlar, not Mackey) spent a forgotten stint at Disney? Or did he acquire the Donald drawing for reasons lost to time? The mystery continues….

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