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maxbook3.jpgComing in June will be the publication of Richard Fleischer’s new book, OUT OF THE INKWELL, Max Fleischer and the Animation Revolution (University Press of Kentucky, $27.50).This is the story of Max Fleischer from the p.o.v. of Max’s son. It follows the highs and lows of Fleischer Studio and attempts to explain how the family lost control of their studio to Paramount Pictures. It contains much biographical information on both Max and Richard, and extensively follows Max’s life in the years following World War II. How he regained control over Betty Boop and Koko, and his involvement with those later the Hal Seegar Out Of The Inkwell TV cartoons, are of particular interest.I saw an early draft of the book last year and can tell you its a great read – and it may start a few new controversies. I’m looking forward to the finished version. Amazon.com has it for $18.15 – and it’s a hardcover! Needless to say, this will be one of the year’s most important animation books.