Saturday Morning Stroll Saturday Morning Stroll

Saturday, July 31, 2004

Even though I’ve been here eighteen days (Christ, is that all? It seems like a lifetime), this Saturday was the first morning I felt like I was able to get out and watch the city wake up (they party until the morning, and stumble out of bed quite late). I took a walk and met a friendly drunk who staggered down the street as I was snapping a shot of a sign saying “Happiness is the way.” I met a loony street person who gave me a copy of her crazed manifesto, both in English and in Runic, which I plan to have translated.

I met a pair of loquacious drunks who told me to ignore the street person and listen to them.

I got a cup of coffee from another cute waitress, ate a strange sort of sandwich, and had a political conversation with a sharp Icelander who spoke in flawless English.

The studio is shut down for a “Dark Week” during which almost everybody will be on vacation, out of town, and recharging their batteries. We writers, on the other hand, will be in town working our butts off without the distracting interruptions of the production shattering our fragile concentration. It’s going to be a fantastic opportunity to get a ton done while enjoying the scene in the city. I feel as if incredible adventures are about to happen. Or at least a lot of drinking.

Ken Pontac
Looking forward to it,


Jerry Beck

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