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Scrappy Freebie

small.jpgFor months now, Scrappyland, my site for Scrappy appreciation, has been in preview mode. Folks sometimes ask me if I’ve forgotten or abandoned it.

Nope–I’ve been busy working on it, and it will eventually launch in all its full-blown glory. Soon, I hope. It’s my magnum opus, so it would be a shame if it stayed on my hard drive forever.

To prove I’m still toiling away, here’s a download (in PDF form) for Cartoon Brew readers: An eight-page 1936 publicity booklet for the Scrappy Puppet Theater, a Farina premium that Columbia promoted like it was the Second Coming. It includes promotion ideas such as organzing Scrappy window-decorating contests for local grocers, Scrappy poetry (“I’m a boy named Scrappy/Farina keeps me happy”), and a letter from our hero himself.

Enjoy. Or be mystified. Or maybe both–that’s par for the course when it comes to Scrappy-related matters. (Yes, that’s Scrappy waltzing with an anthropomorphic box of Farina on the cover…) And stay tuned for news on Scrappyland’s grand opening.