Shadow Puppets on Nick Shadow Puppets on Nick
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Shadow Puppets on Nick

Shadow PuppetWho would have thought: Michel Gagné and Nickelodeon? Michel has been contracted by Nick to produce eleven short animated pieces of his INSANELY TWISTED SHADOW PUPPET SHOW project. The cartoons will air during Nick’s Halloween programming this fall. The shorts range from bumpers (3-10 seconds) to interstitials (25 seconds), and Gagné will direct, produce and design all of them. Michel is one of those rare breeds who understands drawing and design, is an incredible animator and can tell a story. In other words, he’s a complete filmmaker. I personally can’t wait to see what he turns out, even in these truncated film lengths. Stay tuned to Michel’s website for more details. And give credit to Nick for recognizing a great talent when they see it…at least in this particular instance.

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