Shorts by Igor Kovalyov Shorts by Igor Kovalyov
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Shorts by Igor Kovalyov


Ukranian-born Igor Kovalyov has had a bit of a dual-career in animation, working both as an independent filmmaker and in the mainstream industry (he co-directed THE RUGRATS MOVIE and has done lots of other work for Klasky Csupo). Four of Kovalyov’s shorts can be viewed online at Klasky Csupo’s Global Tantrum website: HEN, HIS WIFE (1989), ANDREI SVISLOTSKI (1991), BIRD IN THE WINDOW (1996) and FLYING NANSEN (2000).

Kovalyov’s films are dialogue-less and demand a lot from the viewer; blink for one second and you might miss the entire point of the film, as happened the first time I watched BIRD IN THE WINDOW. I’m not sure if I entirely like Kovalyov’s films or his storytelling style, but I do appreciate that he brings an uncompromisingly personal vision to his work. Visually, his films are a delight, with chunky, imperfect characters that recall the drawings of José Luis Cuevas and George Grosz, and backgrounds that display a strong fine art sensibility with an unconventionally earthy sense of color. To gain further insight into Kovalyov’s personal background and the themes of his short films, be sure to check out this excellent essay penned by Chris Robinson.(via No Fat Clips)