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sky blueI had a great time at a screening of the Korean animated SKY BLUE last night at the Egyptian Theatre.The visuals are incredible. The story was the usual post-apocalyptic haves versus have nots plot with pro-enviromental overtones, but unlike the recent and similiar all-cg KAENA, this film is always compelling, due to the director’s choices of shots, cutting and on screen action. I wasn’t bored for a moment.Producer & co-writer Sunmin Park was on hand for a Q&A, revealing that we had just watched an High-Def screening of the film (it was as good as any 35mm print I’ve ever seen – say goodbye to film). She said the film was composited in HD and is a combination of traditional hand drawn animation (quite good), CG, miniatures and live action… and it worked for me.She said they were in talks for U.S. distribution and hoped to get it released (for Oscar consideration) this year. The English dub was satisfactory, but not great – lip sync was off and some of the secondary actors were poor. All in all, I’d recommend seeing SKY BLUE, especially in a theatre, when it comes out.