Sunday Pants Sunday Pants

SUNDAY PANTS is a new animated variety show that premieres on Cartoon Network tonight, Oct. 2, at 9:30 pm (ET/PT). Each episode will include “a fast-moving selection of short animation pieces from around the world” in “a variety of animation styles, from traditional hand-drawn animation to artists working on computer-based Flash and CGI.” Creators include Monkmus, Lance Taylor (Facelift Enterprises, Inc.); Lincoln Pierce (Global Mechanic); Tim McKeon and Adam Pava (Cartoon Network Studios); Andy Fielding (Red Kite Animation); and Andy Merrill, Craig “Sven” Gordon and Stuart Hill (Cartoon Network).

Sounds like an excellent idea, but the clips shown in the promo look uniformly weak. The kitschy Sixties-themed branding of SUNDAY PANTS sadly reinforces the idea that the show is cheap. Quite disappointing; it would have been nice to see Cartoon Network air a quality series of independently produced animation. About the only upside so far is that the series will apparently feature the television premiere of the PERIWINKLE shorts by Aaron Springer. These shorts have only aired publicly once — at the Genndy Tartakovsky retrospective in LA earlier this year. I’ve yet to see them, but everybody that I know who has says they’re terrific. That’s hardly a surprise considering that Springer is one of the most singular talents working in commercial animation today.

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