The Mystery of the Third Planet The Mystery of the Third Planet
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The Mystery of the Third Planet

Mystery of the Third Planet

Animation artist Chris McDonnell discovers a bizarre ’80s Russian animated film, THE MYSTERY OF THE THIRD PLANET, on the Meathaus blog. I haven’t seen the film but Chris’s description in the comments section of the post makes it sound pretty cool:

It’s also interesting to note that this film has more or less “full” animation despite the fact that it’s from the ’80s. Sometimes there is even too much animation, such as a scene in which the girl talks to another person and behind them the two other men are moving and gesturing and secretly whispering to each other- it divides the attention in its attempt to depict a realistic scene of one thing happening while another does simultaneously. Then again, that is what is so refreshing about this movie, that it doesn’t follow all the tried and true standards of American animation staging and action.