The Sad Story of a Sad-Looking Film The Sad Story of a Sad-Looking Film
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The Sad Story of a Sad-Looking Film


First, watch the TRAILER for this independent CG feature called TUGGER: THE JEEP 4X4 WHO WANTED TO FLY. Then, go and read this story in the ORLANDO SENTINEL about how this became the independent animated feature from hell, thanks to the film’s director, animation veteran Jeffrey Varab. What isn’t mentioned in the article is that Varab probably convinced a lot of investors to part with their money by selling this as a “Christian” project. The Christian aspect of the story comes out in the article’s comments section as well as in this post from the blog of SENTINEL film critic Roger Moore. I find it odd that the SENTINEL decided not to discuss the obvious religious aspect of the scam, especially because it’s so obvious. Even the name of Varab’s studio – Genesis Orlando – makes it evident that his whole idea was to find Christian financial backers.

UPDATE: Erif Graf writes:

I was reading the Tugger article, and I was wondering if you caught the significance of the name Iake Eissinmann. That’s the child star who played Tony in Disney’s “Escape to Witch Mountain.” He’s done a lot of voiceover work as well.