Old Brew



As animated features currently dwell in a CG rut of fairy tale spoofs and talking animal adventures, television animation has become the place to see a more refreshing diversity of cartoon styles. The Nicktoons Network has quietly started premiering original programming – some good (Skyland), some bad (My Dad The Rock Star), some ugly (Thugaboo). I just recieved a preview video for a new one called THE SECRET SHOW, and this one’s pretty good. Keeping in mind that it’s aimed at the kids in the 9 to 14 year old demographic, it’s quite entertaining. Produced in CelAction, with nicely stylized art direction and clever scripts by Britian’s Collingwood O’Hare Entertainment, the show will begin regular weekly airing on the digital Nicktoons channel in January.Each episode starts off with an old Granny welcoming us to The Fluffy Bunny Show, after which secret operatives take over the scene and the real cartoon begins. It’s yet-another spy spoof, with shades of Get Smart, Austin Powers and a bit of Monty Python, but it never takes itself too seriously, and the plots are witty and fun. The Secret Show is certainly worth a look, and you’ll have your chance starting January 20th, 8:30pm on Nicktoons Network.