Tim Burton Garage Sale Update Tim Burton Garage Sale Update
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Tim Burton Garage Sale Update

The Tim Burton garage sale that Cartoon Brew first broke the story on, and which has subsequently spread around the Internet like wildfire this past week, reportedly does not have the official endorsement of Tim Burton. According to the Tim Burton Collective, the following are Burton’s comments sent out via email from TimBurton.com:

“It recently came to my attention that a warehouse sale, claiming to include “previously -owned” items of mine, is scheduled to take place. Allegedly, these items include props, memorabilia and costumes from various films I have directed, as well as some drawings of mine that were private gifts–never meant for public display or purchase. Since I have not been contacted by the sellers, it is important to note that I can in no way vouch for the authenticity of these items. I am completely against the selling of personal items in such a public way.”

It’s important to note that there’s no way to confirm the validity of whether these comments are actually from Burton, but WOW Report has this additional bit of info: “It’s strictly ex-girlfriend Lisa Marie getting rid of stuff he gave her over the years or just left behind when they broke up. Their split was not amicable.” So at this point, it seems like the garage sale will still contain a lot of Burton’s possessions, but it’s more like Lisa Marie’s garage sale than Burton’s. Also interesting to note, one of the items up for grabs will be this chair prop from ED WOOD.