TV Commercial Roundup TV Commercial Roundup

Here’s a few recent animated TV spots that have caught my attention:

Orange Kids

Orange “Kids” – “Spot 1” | “Spot 2”: These spots for European cell provider Orange take conventional children’s-style drawings and add dimensionality to them. Antoine Bardou-Jacquet of Partizan directed, with Buf responsible for the animation production.

Orange spot by Pes

Orange “Hide N Seek”: Another Orange spot, this one by New York director PES, who is seemingly incapable of producing anything but amazing work.

Honda Tetris spot

Honda Jazz “Tetris”: I thought this German commercial was brilliant until I saw this old SIMPSONS clip, which is way too close for comfort. It’s still an effective visually-driven concept; too bad ad agencies have to “borrow” their ideas from animated TV series.


Kymco Motorcycles: Beautiful spot by Spanish studio AÄB. This is the type of stylized art direction that I’d love to see in a CG feature some day; I’m not holding my breath though.
Nike commercial

Nike “Snow” | “Wind” | “Rain”: A spare yet evocative winter ad campaign by Brazilian Nando Costa. Motionographer has a short interview with Costa about the production of these spots.

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