tweetyblonde.jpgFirst they give the Looney Tunes an extreme makeover as Loonatics, now they are preparing a sex change for Tweety!The latest issue of LICENSE magazine has this article touting Warner Bros. current merchandising push toward women – children and adults.

I tawt I taw…a new Tweety. Warner Bros. Consumer Products has given Tweety a new twang–lengthened eyelashes, a brightened beak, and a floral hair accessory.According to Jordan Sollitto, executive vice president of worldwide marketing, Warner Bros. Consumer Products, “Tweety is not a media-dependent property. Tweety has equity among girls ages 4 to 8 and women in their 20s and 30s. Tweety has had continuous performance at the cash register, transcending media exposure. When we spoke with girls and women about Tweety, they weren’t as interested in talking about media or a movie around Tweety. They relate to the character as it relates to merchandise. Tweety’s cuteness, according to our research, was the driving characteristic,” he explains.

Nowhere in the carefully worded article is Tweety refered to as a “he” or a “she” (for the record, Tweety is a male character). A selection of the new female Tweety fashions can be found here. I’m particularly fond of the itty-bitty Tweety String Bikini myself. But how far are they going to go with this?

Jerry Beck

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