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mcboing boingSaturday’s Asifa-Hollywood screening & tribute to UPA was an incredible success – thanks to the number of UPA veteran’s who showed up and participated. We showed eight films (35mm prints) including ROOTY TOOT TOOT, UNICORN IN THE GARDEN, WILLIE THE KID, TELL-TALE HEART, HOW NOW McBOING BOING, CHRISTOPHER CRUMPET, HAM & HATTIE: SAILING AND VILLAGE BAND, and in CinemaScope, MAGOO’S PUDDLE JUMPER.Tee Bosustow showed us a brief clip of his work-in-progress documenmary “UPA: Mavericks, Mayhem and Magoo” which included rare 1952 footage of Bill Melendez animating Christopher Crumpet. But the highlight of the day was our guest panel: Alan Zaslove, Bob McIntosh, Fred Crippen, Mel Levin, Ed Friedman and Joe Siracusa. Also in attendance, Bob Kurtz, Henrietta Jordan (UPA manager), Martha Sigall and Mrs. Art Babbit. The program was taped for Bosustow’s documentary. We all felt transported to the 1950s – all the panelists were candid, and no one had a bad word about the studio or its directors, designers and producers. It sounded like they were all having a ball – and they produced animation changed the world.
My thanks to the panelists and the audience who shared this experience. If you were there yesterday, I’d love to hear your comments and recollections on our Animation History Forum

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