Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion: It Lives! Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion: It Lives!
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Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion: It Lives!

One of the most essential animation reference works ever created is E.O. Costello’s Warner Bros. Cartoon Companion–a remarkably erudite guide to the studio’s films and history, and particularly to the cultural references the cartoons contain. I liked it so much I put it on my list of the 100 Greatest Things About Animation.

The WBCC first appeared almost a decade ago, and a few years after that, it found a home on Spumco’s Web site. But it’s been a long time since it was available there. And I, for one, have missed it.

I’m tickled to report that I’ve just heard from E.O. that the Spumco edition of the Companion is available again at this site. E.O. cautions that this version has some bugs and other little glitches, and hasn’t been updated. He plans to address both of these issues, and invites Cartoon Brew readers to send him suggestions at this address. Even in a somewhat raw form, it’s great to have the WBCC back. If you never knew it in the first place, you’re in for a treat…

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