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fredsbook.jpgI just recieved a copy of Fred Patten’s book Watching Anime, Reading Manga, and I highly recommend it. It’s hard to believe that this is technically Fred’s first book. (He’s contributed essays to several – and was co-editor of The Complete Anime Guide, 2nd Edition) I’ve known Fred for quite a long time now, and have always admired his knowledgable opinions and writings on anime. He may very well be anime’s first true scholar.This new book collects 25 years worth of Fred’s best articles, columns and reviews. Reading it will give you a comprehensive overview of Japanese animation, as well as the story of American anime fandom and the emergence of it’s influence in western popular culture. If you could only have one book on anime, this is the one to get. Fred covers everything from Tezuka to Miyazaki, From 8th Man to Dragonball Z in an entertaining, informative way.
Congratulations, Fred. Go-Go-Go!