Why Jaime Hates Family Guy Why Jaime Hates Family Guy
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Why Jaime Hates Family Guy

Jaime J. Weinman is a fine writer who discusses cartoons intelligently on his blog Something Old, Nothing New alongside a variety of thoughtful posts about live-action sitcoms, musical theater and other avenues of American pop culture. I don’t always agree with him, especially when he sings the praises of witless Spielberg product like ANIMANIACS and PINKY & THE BRAIN, but he really hits the mark in one of his recent posts – “Why I Hate FAMILY GUY” – in which he offers ten well-reasoned arguments why Seth MacFarlane’s show is an abominable example of modern TV animation. Weinman however doesn’t mention the reward for such utter incompetence: a greenlight for Seth’s second Fox series, the currently in-production AMERICAN DAD. On to a less painful topic, be sure to read Jaime’s recent entry about Friz Freleng’s WB short LUMBER JERKS and why it was a better environmentally-themed cartoon than all the CAPTAIN PLANET episodes combined.