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Animation designer Pete Emslie wants us to to be aware of a new Canadian cartoon show. Pete writes:

I’d like to direct your attention to this show Yam Roll, as I feel it has been getting a free pass for too long. Currently it airs on CBC in Canada, but I gather it is trying to get picked up by one of the U.S. cable channels as well. Frankly, I consider it an embarrassment and, due to it being on our public broadcaster, a needless waste of taxpayer dollars that should instead be spent on a show with higher artistic and entertainment merit. It is the current poster boy for bad animation design, in my opinion.Also, to be honest, I’m hoping you’ll be able to direct some of your readers to their blogsite so that I can get some much needed support in my dissenting view on the show. As it is, I’m being attacked as a know-nothing despite my longtime experience as a successful character illustrator. I really feel like these folks should have more critical attention focused on their awkward, primitive little efforts.Anyway, here are both the main site and the contentious blogsite of which I speak. I really would appreciate it if you could shine some light on the matter.

Well, that’s what Pete thinks. I’ve heard from readers who say it isn’t all that bad. Apparently Cartoon Network is planning to air the YAM ROLL cartoons sometime this fall in the U.S. I’ll make up my mind then.