A lot of divided opinion about this film. Manohla Dargis in her review in The New York Times focused on feminist stance of Merida, the heroine of Brave, calling her “a marvel of computer imagineering”. Kenneth Turan of The Los Angeles Times took a little closer look at the film’s story and says it “doesn’t hit the bullseye.”

There’s no doubt Brave is Pixar at its best – visually. The film begins as the kind of forward-thinking original story we’ve come to expect from the studio – something bold, new and different; a tale that hasn’t been told this way before. But alas, the story veers into territory already explored in Brother Bear, The Princess and The Frog — even The Emperors New Groove. Is it entertaining: yes. Is it gorgeous to look at: absolutely. Is it Pixar’s best? Or is this the year the frontrunner joins the rest of the pack? That’s what I want to know from you.

Comments accepted below only by those who have seen Brave in a theatre. Oh, and let us know how you liked Enrico Casarosa’s La Luna, the marvelous short playing along with the film.


Jerry Beck

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