Garbage Boy and Trash Can Garbage Boy and Trash Can

Three years after winning Cartoon Network Africa’s Creative Lab program, Garbage Boy and Trash Can is becoming a series.

Cartoon Network will produce ten short episodes of the idea about Garbage Boy, a self-proclaimed superhero who believes he has superpowers, and his sidekick, Trashcan.

The show is created by self-taught Nigerian animator Ridwan Moshood, who explains the genesis of the project like this:

When I was a kid growing up in Nigeria, I used to be bullied by the other kids, so I created a super-hero cartoon to help other kids deal with this problem.  I then taught myself to animate watching Cartoon Network classics on TV and doing tutorials on Youtube.  I never imagined in my wildest dreams that my show would eventually be produced.  Take that bullies!

Ridwan Moshood, creator of "Garbage Boy and Trash Can."
Ridwan Moshood

Billed as “the first Cartoon Network superhero animated comedy series to be produced in Africa,” a new studio called Pure Garbage has been set up in South Africa to produce the series. The studio is a partnership between Moshood, Mike de Seve of Baboon Animation in the U.S., and Nick Wilson, founder of African Animation Network (AAN), a for-profit social enterprise that’s working to develop and grow animation capacity across the continent.

Industry veteran John Fountain, who has boarded and directed on series like The Fairly Oddparents and My Life as a Teenage Robot, will be the show’s supervising director.

Garbage Boy and Trash Can will premiere on Cartoon Network Africa in 2022.

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