Here’s a new frontier for animated feature film promotions: airline safety videos.

As a promotion for next year’s The Lego Movie 2, Warner Bros. created a new in-flight safety video for Turkish Airlines, that started showing on all of the airline’s flights last Thursday:

Leading up to the worldwide release of the The Lego Movie sequel, Turkish Airlines will roll-out a global tv campaign, Lego-themed wrapped airplanes, in-flight and in-airport activations, and a second safety video.

“As a leading global airline with an emphasis on safety, we are excited to partner with Warner Bros. and The Lego Movie franchise for this video,” said M. İlker Aycı, Turkish Airlines chairman of the board and the executive committee. “We are both brands that are enjoyed around the world, bringing together generations and cultures everywhere. We hope that our passengers can enjoy this new video, which has something for everyone.”

According to the airline, 30 different versions of the safety video were created, both in English and Turkish, to cover the safety particulars of the 15 different airplane models in the Turkish Airlines fleet.

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