<em>Bio-Hazard</em> by Andrew Falicon <em>Bio-Hazard</em> by Andrew Falicon

Bio-Hazard by Andrew Falicon

Bio-Hazard is a thesis film produced at SVA by Andrew Falicon. It’s a funny short with plenty of send-ups of anime conventions and absurdist non-sequiturs sprinkled throughout. Part of its humor derives from the production problems that Falicon experienced during the making of the film. He explains in the YouTube description:

“[The film was] due near the end of April, and in mid-February in a freak slip of the finger on my keyboard I deleted a folder containing all the scanned animation for about 40% of the original work. BUT ITS COOL BECAUSE IT WAS BACKED UP ON DVD, RIGHT? WRONG, my DVD drive then stopped working, and then the two DVDs were corrupt when I tried them on another PC. So I had to cut out 30 % of the film, rearrange it and GET THAT SHIT DONE. In 2 and 1/2 months…”