Caricaturing French President Nicolas Sarkozy Caricaturing French President Nicolas Sarkozy

In 2007, French president Nicolas Sarkozy was quoted as saying he preferred an excess of caricature to an absence of caricature. French artist and illustrator Paul Poutre took Sarkozy up on the offer with the animated short Excès de caricature, a devastating assessment of Sarkozy’s five-year term as president.

Poutre’s biting satire uses animation to great effect, and presents a nonstop string of visual gags about Sarkozy’s policies and personal behavior. I’m sure it’s even funnier to those who live in France and hear about Sarkozy daily, but non-French audiences who keep up with the news will find much of the content familiar as well.

The film was created as part of exhibition of Poutre’s work that is currently taking place at Confort Moderne in Poitiers, France. The short is as timely as ever: elections in France begin this Sunday, and Sarkozy is seeking re-election.

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