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Cartoon Network Studios (CNS) has announced the first line-up of shorts from its new shorts program, Cartoon Cartoons.

The program’s aim, as we reported last spring, is to “innovate the art of animated storytelling, showcase diverse stories, discover new voices, and mentor the next generation of animators.”

Here is the initial group of films produced under the program:

  • Accordions Geoffrey & Mary Melodica by Louie Zong
  • Dang! It’s Dracula by Levon Jihanian
  • Hungy Ghost by Jesse Moynihan
  • Fruit Stand at the End of the World by Rachel Liu
  • Off the Menu by Shavonne Cherry
  • Harmony in Despair by Andrew Dickman
  • Unravel by Alexis Sugden
  • Mouth Wash Madness by Lisa Vandenberg
  • Scaredy Cat by JJ Villard

The shorts vary in length, target audience, and subject matter, ranging from character-driven and comedic narratives to experimental animation. The films will potentially be distributed on Cartoon Network, streaming platform HBO Max, or other Warnermedia platforms.

Four veteran creators and filmmakers served as part of a mentorship creative council for the program: Pete Browngardt, Manny Hernandez, Katie Rice, and Aminder Dhaliwal.

In 1995, Cartoon Network launched its first original shorts anthology series, titled What a Cartoon! Since then, it has run shorts series and in-house programs under a variety of names, including The Cartoon Cartoon Show. The films created as part of these programs have sparked many hit shows, including Dexter’s Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Chowder, Regular Show, and Steven Universe.

Cartoon Cartoons Cartoon Cartoons

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