“First Contact” by Owen Dennis “First Contact” by Owen Dennis

Owen Dennis, an English teacher working in China, took about 6 months in his spare time to create this 4 minute animated video for his band, Galactaron. The group’s new album is a musical “about an alien band that travels to Earth and meets their first human, Emily Wong.”

Says Dennis: “The reason the video looks reminiscent of a VHS is because I wanted to bring a childlike feeling to it. For me, childhood was the early 90’s. That means people had non-earbud headphones and they watched things on VHS.”

“It’s not exactly like a VHS however, because I wanted the audience to feel now what it felt like back then. Therefore, it’s HD, but with elements of the time period added in (film flicker, mild tracking issue, hand painted lens flairs, etc). It is voiced by myself and Delilah Zhang.”

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