“Half A Pantaloon” by Hector Herrera

Half-a-Pantaloon is the second instalment in the ‘Beastly Bards’ collection and a companion piece to Typesetter Blues which we featured here last October.

It’s a cautionary tale the pitfalls of wearing short pants in the wrong situations. Produced by Hector Herrera and writer/producer Pazit Cahlon at Toronto-based content creators Together: Words + Pictures for Art & Culture in partnership with Varipix.

WORDS: Pazit Cahlon
PICTURES: Hector Herrera
VOICE: Jayne Eastwood
MUSIC: Jayme Stone & Grant Gordy
PRODUCER: Pazit Cahlon
ANIMATION: Hector Herrera and Jeanette Seah
PRODUCTION PARTNER: Blaine Philippi/Varipix
MUSIC: Jayme Stone (Banjo, foley), Grant Gordy (Guitar), Rich Chiaraluce (Clarinet, saxophones), Mark Diamond (Bass, foley), Justin Peacock (Recording & mixing)
VOICE RECORD: Richard Segal at Voodoo Highway Music & Post
SOUND MIX: Richard Segal
VOICE DIRECTOR: Dee Shipley at Dee and Company

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