<em>In the Fall of Gravity</em> by Ron Cole <em>In the Fall of Gravity</em> by Ron Cole
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In the Fall of Gravity by Ron Cole

Ron Cole, the person who made the cable-controlled skull mechanism for the Chuck Liddell puppet in the Lipton Brisk ad, directed and animated In the Fall of Gravity in 2008. It’s a mesmerizing hand-crafted experience. The articulation in the face and eyes of his characters is nothing short of jaw-dropping; the eyes especially have a warmth and depth which I’ve rarely, if ever, seen in stop-motion. Despite the technical proficiency, it never becomes so slick that the hand of the artist is obscured–an issue I have with a lot of mainstream stop-motion animation. Ron has a blog about the film that is also worth a visit.

(Thanks, Warhead, for pointing out this film in the comments of the Brisk post)