“Istanbul” by Idil Ar

Canlandiranlar is a new animation society in Turkey, which organizes free educational courses, holds panels and supports independent animation in Istanbul. They held a project called “Animation Talent Camp” last year and produced several short films themed around “Istanbul” supported by professionals from the industry. Idil Ar’s film is a beautiful example of bold animation design in service of telling a story, setting a mood and capturing a moment:

Direction: Idil Ar
Animation: Idil Ar, Emre Ergenç
Art Direction: Idil Ar
Music and Sound: Can Ãœnal
Voice: Osman Poroy, Idil Ar
Producer: Berat İlk, 2010 Avrupa Kültür Başkenti

Best Animation Award ’22.Ankara International Film Festival’
Best Script ‘Canlandiranlar Talent Camp 2011’

(Thanks, Karl Cohen and Betsy DeFries)